Automation in the trucking industry is, without a doubt, one of the most important issues facing the Teamsters union and the 16,000 or so truck drivers that it represents across Canada.

But workers in many other industries and fields are also facing difficulties:

Rail transport – Health and safety are still at the core of the dispute between rail carriers and their workers.

Retirement homes – The Teamsters are fighting for the $15/hour minimum wage in this sector. They are also actively seeking recognition for the excellent work performed by the women and men in this field.

Armoured car – This is another industry where workers’ health and safety are crucial and where the Teamsters union is keeping a close eye on things to defend the interests of its members.

Dairy – The renegotiation of NAFTA poses a threat to our members in the dairy industry. We are putting pressure on the federal government to protect the jobs of workers in this industry.

Construction – Thanks to lobbying in Ottawa and to inter-union co-operation, the oil pipeline projects have resumed and hundreds of our members in the Prairies will soon be working on these projects.

Parcel – Even though recent negotiated settlements at UPS and Purolator guarantee peace in this industry for several years, we must be wary of attempts by certain companies to outsource work and to replace defined benefit pension plans with defined contribution pension plans.

Mental health – Through the mental health campaign, we are raising the awareness of Canadians – and, in particular, of politicians – about the problem of stigmatization in the workplace, as well as letting workers know, loudly and clearly, that they are not alone.

These are just a few examples of the current and future issues that your union is working on, with you and for you.